Review – YOU

youTitle: YOU
Author: Caroline Kepnes
Blurb: Love hurts… When aspiring writer Guinevere Beck strides into the East Village bookstore where Joe works, he’s instantly smitten. Beck is everything Joe has ever wanted: She’s gorgeous, tough, razor-smart, and as sexy as his wildest dreams. Beck doesn’t know it yet, but she’s perfect for him, and soon she can’t resist her feelings for a guy who seems custom made for her. But there’s more to Joe than Beck realizes, and much more to Beck than her oh-so-perfect façade. Their mutual obsession quickly spirals into a whirlwind of deadly consequences . . .

This is my first Caroline Kepnes book and I was beyond excited to read it, it sounded so twisted and right up my street I love a bit of weird!

Most of the reviews I’ve seen have either loved it or hated it but I’m a little in the middle, and as such I’ve struggled to finalise this post since finishing the book. Although I didn’t love it, I still think about it now it’s one that sticks in your mind for a while after finishing for sure….

YOU is written entirely in second person, which I have to say is a first for me and it took me a while to get used to the style of writing. That said once I did being inside of Joes head was great in a strange but wonderful way!!

It all begins when Joe meets Beck, he works in a bookshop and she is a customer. That’s it, he becomes obsessed! He starts following her everywhere, he manages to find out where she lives and stares at her through her apartment window, she has no curtains and he revels in this fact and takes every opportunity to watch her. He slowly works his way into her life bags himself a date, at the end of which he steals her phone! From then on he can gain access to her messages and emails. With access to her phone he manages to get more information about her sort of boyfriend and takes it upon himself that he needs to be sorted as he is just using his sweet Beck for sex! As the book progresses Joe becomes certain that Beck is crazy for him and his behaviour becomes even stranger.The suspense of YOU is great and I was always left wondering how far Joe would go to win Beck over. Beck isn’t 100% sane in my opinion either, and has her own issues as does her best friend. Everyone in this book is just not normal, and it makes for interesting reading throughout! Its hard to write much more without giving anything else away.

I found YOU to be a disturbing and addictive read. One that I didn’t love, but you just might, go give it a whirl!

My Rating: 3.5*


…I’ve also just found out there is a sequel, more Joe! I don’t know if I’m ready.


Review – Siege

Title: SiegeSiege
Author: Simon Kernick
Pages: 386
Genre: Crime / Thriller
16.00 A normal afternoon.
THE MANAGER -Newly engaged Elena Serenko has just made the life-changing decision to quit her job and start a new life in Australia
THE GUESTS -Upstairs, a young woman waits for her lover; a visiting family prepare for an evening out; and a sick man contemplates his own mortality.
THE ASSASSIN -High up amongst the penthouse suites, a skilled and dangerous killer is hunting a quarry who’s eluded him for far too long.
THE SIEGE – What none of them know is that a group of ruthless gunmen are about to burst into the Stanhope, shooting indiscriminately, and seizing hostages. As darkness falls and the gunmen become increasingly violent, only one thing matters. Who will survive?

I’ve read a fair few of Simon Kernicks books, as I have always really enjoyed them I am currently (albeit slowly) working my way through his back catalogue.

As with all of Kernicks book Siege is fast paced and action packed! With a murder on the very first page you know from here on, it’s only going to give us more blood and action. Short chapters and with most of them ending in cliff hangers make for a real quick read and page turner. The chapters are from different characters perspectives, from the terrorists themselves to some of the hostages. This does mean that we are introduced to a quite a few different characters throughout the book however it doesn’t get confusing and is easy to follow. The majority of the book takes place at a fictional hotel in London and all in the space of one day! We do have sub plots added in I didn’t therefore I didn’t find this hard going as I think I would have the whole book been based at the hotel. I really hated all of the terrorists, which is what Kernick had in mind I’m sure, and was rooting for the safety of many of the hostages as many they tend to grab at your emotion, it’s a scary situation that you can imagine happening today! I was especially hoping that Elena got out! I liked Scope A LOT and (I hope) think we are going to get more on him in different books that I’ll look out for. With the many twists and turns, subplots, add in the numerous characters and you get a great book that as you continue to read you can neatly slot all the pieces together.

Siege is an exhilarating read that has you turning the pages hating on the terrorist and rooting for the safety of the guests trapped. It leaves you wanting to just hurry up and get to the end to find out… who will survive?! I’ll be reading another Kernick soon for sure.

My Rating: 4*

L x

Review – Precious Thing

PTedTitle: Precious Thing
Author: Colette McBeth
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Blurb: Remember the person you sat next to on your first day at school? Still your best friend? Or disappeared from your life for good? Some friendships fizzle out. Rachel and Clara promised theirs would last forever. They met when Rachel was the new girl in class and Clara was the friend everyone wanted. Instantly, they fell under one another’s spell and nothing would be the same again. Now in their late twenties Rachel has the TV career, the flat and the boyfriend, while Clara’s life is spiralling further out of control. Yet despite everything, they remain inextricably bound. Then Clara vanishes. Is it abduction, suicide or something else altogether?


Precious Thing is Colette McBeth’s debut which explores a strong almost intense and secret baring friendship. The story is centred around Rachel and Clara who promise to be lifelong friends from the first day they meet at school.

This book has been waiting patiently for me to read since April, I wish I hadn’t waited so long!  Rachel, once the outsider now has it all, including a highflying TV career . While Clara, the one everyone wanted to befriend,  her life is slowly starting to unravel. Friends so close they were once seen as one! When something comes between them,  and starts to tear them apart. Clara has to go away for a while and upon her return Rachel does her best to bring their friendship back to its former glory. When one day Clara goes missing, Rachel goes on a quest to find her once best friend, slowly secrets are revealed. Its hard to go into this without giving too much away! The story begins with Rachel writing a letter to Clara as the story deepens you find out more about both Clara and Rachel as the chapters flit between past and present I have to admit my opinion of both Rachel and Clara dramatically changed all the way through the book. It really is one of those books where the less you know the better. So i’ll leave it at that.

A great psychological thriller with many twists and turns this book kept me gripped and guessing to the very end. It is fast paced and well worth a read!

This is my first McBeth book and I must say I am looking forward to reading more.

My Rating: 4*

L x