Apologies and chapter names

Hello fellow book lovers!

First off let me say sorry for the prolonged silence. I have been busy reading, just not reviewing! I haven’t really an excuse either, as I have read some wonderful books so far this year. (How is it already September!?) I have just spotted that I have one drafted from January – that seems like forever ago! Which I’ll edit up and put out there after the weekend at some point!

Any who….

I realised something about my reading late last night that I’d like to talk about! .

I don’t ever read chapter names. I don’t know why I’ve only just realised this having been reading for years or even why I don’t. I was nearing the end of my book and read something that I couldn’t quite understand WHY it was there. Realising I must have I missed something I started going back a few pages and as I neared a previous chapter I spotted it in the chapter name – Now, who knows what else I may have missed by not reading all of the chapter names? I’ve been trying to figure out why I don’t read them and I guess I find them distracting. Maybe I try to avoid reading anything that might give even a hint of the story away? I’m still not sure! I even skip dates and times in books too which I have to admit can sometimes get confusing.

I suppose I should start reading them, however I’ve never been conscious that I was a chapter skipper until last night – how is that so?! Luckily my latest book just has regular numbers!

Anyone else out there a chapter name skipper?







How do you choose your next book?

I have said time and time again that picking your next book is an art form! I personally struggle to choose my next book every time I have finished my latest read. More often than not I’ll start a couple of books read the first and possibly the second chapter only to change my mind. I read a lot of different genres and try to mix it up, but still I struggle when the time comes to start another! I think my problem is that I have too many to choose from (it’s not a bad problem, but a problem nonetheless) I’ll continually browse the books I have on my kindle as well as my ever growing wish list . I’m one of these that, as soon as I finish a book I move onto my next one, I can’t imagine not having a current read! I also think you have to be in the right frame of mind for a certain type of book. Sometimes a romance just won’t cut it with the mood you’re in. Or perhaps you have just finished a REALLY good thriller and don’t want the next one to be a disappointment so sway towards a different genre. I’m not sure there is an easy way to pick your next book, but if you have any secrets I’d love to hear them!

L x