Apologies and chapter names

Hello fellow book lovers!

First off let me say sorry for the prolonged silence. I have been busy reading, just not reviewing! I haven’t really an excuse either, as I have read some wonderful books so far this year. (How is it already September!?) I have just spotted that I have one drafted from January – that seems like forever ago! Which I’ll edit up and put out there after the weekend at some point!

Any who….

I realised something about my reading late last night that I’d like to talk about! .

I don’t ever read chapter names. I don’t know why I’ve only just realised this having been reading for years or even why I don’t. I was nearing the end of my book and read something that I couldn’t quite understand WHY it was there. Realising I must have I missed something I started going back a few pages and as I neared a previous chapter I spotted it in the chapter name – Now, who knows what else I may have missed by not reading all of the chapter names? I’ve been trying to figure out why I don’t read them and I guess I find them distracting. Maybe I try to avoid reading anything that might give even a hint of the story away? I’m still not sure! I even skip dates and times in books too which I have to admit can sometimes get confusing.

I suppose I should start reading them, however I’ve never been conscious that I was a chapter skipper until last night – how is that so?! Luckily my latest book just has regular numbers!

Anyone else out there a chapter name skipper?







My Reading Challenge for 2015

Happy New Year to you all :o)

New year, new reading challenges. Yay! I tell myself EVERY single year to read more classics, or to read more books from the “100 you must read before you die” list and I never, EVER do it! As I’m aiming to read 125 books this year I thought I would dedicate 5 from the “classics / 100 you must read before you die” This year I decided that if I write them down  once read I can tick them off, hopefully it’ll help me stay on track. Here is what I’ll aim to read this year:

  1. Great Expectations – Charles Dickens (I have started and stopped this book more times than I care to remember I WILL FINISH IT!)
  2. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
  3. Shadow of The Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  4. Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden
  5. The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald



As I already have ALL of these on my Kindle ready and waiting to be read I have NO excuses however I’ve not read one yet….So wish me luck.

What is your reading challenge for 2015?
Did you complete your 2014 one? I did and am super pleased with myself!




Favourite Books 2014

Hello, Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?
If any of you are looking for some good books to read over the festive period I thought I would write a list (I do LOVE a good list!) of some of my favourite reads from this year. I didn’t want to put too many so I’ve limited it down to 10, which I have to say was harder than I thought when I started this post, having read 120 books thus far. These are in no particular order…

  1. The Night Stalker – Chris Carter (BUT anything by this man is a favourite!!)
  2. The One Plus One – JoJo Moyes
  3. Trouble – Non Pratt
  4. A Place to Call Home – Carole Matthews
  5. Sleep Tight – Rachel Abbott
  6. The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson – Paige Toon
  7. Now you See Me – Sharon Bolton (Lacey Flint Series)
  8. The Teashop on the Corner – Milly Johnson
  9. A Single Breath – Lucy Clarke
  10. Run – Gregg Olsen

How about you can you name your top ten of this year? I’d love to hear them.



*Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all*

What kind of reader are you?

Hello fellow book lovers!
I was asked the other day, if I read a book once or if I read the same book multiple times and it got me thinking…How many of you out there are re-readers?

I am a book once kinda girl. However there are some books I’d love to read again, but I never seem to get around to it. I have so many NEW books waiting to be read, and my never ending wish list takes priority when reading my next book. I’m not sure why I don’t re-read though as I often watch some of my favourite movies over and over.
I can see the benefits of rereading. Rediscovering why a book rated so highly with you in the first place, falling in love with your favourite characters ALL OVER AGAIN, seeing things from a whole new perspective, picking up on bits you may have missed the first time round (especially if it is a long book). Or rereading the last book from a series, before you start the next one to reacquaint yourself with the goings on. I just never do it! I have only ever read one book twice and that was the Kite Runner as i had to read it for a book club. I have to say I enjoyed it just as much the second time round. Still, I’ve not bothered to read another favourite again…

The saying “so many books, so little time” rings true to me and I’m not sure I’ll turn into a re-reader just yet!

Let me know your thoughts


Books i’m excited about

Happy Friday Everyone! I thought I’d share with you some books I’m excited about reading or ones that are due to be released soon (plus some not so soon…)

Pre-orders I just can’t blooming wait for:
You – Caroline Kepnes – Out 25th September
No Safe House – Linwood Barclay – Out 25th September – I do enjoy a good Barclay!
The Sunrise – Victoria Hislop
The Great Christmas Knit off – Alexandra Brow – I loved her Carrington series so I have high hopes!
The Life I Left Behind – Collette McBeth – Out January 2015
Untitled #2 – Paige Toon – Out July 2015 – the 2nd Jessie Jefferson… Oh such a loooong wait!

Books that are just dying for me to buy them:
Pop goes the Weasel – MJ Arlidge – this is the 2nd in a series and I thought the 1st one was pretty good (FYI the 1st one is only 99p at the moment for the kindle UK!) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Eeny-Meeny-Helen-Grace-Dci-ebook/dp/B00GK8RV3A/ref=pd_sim_kinc_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1NMWD8Q2RQYD48J59D5Z)
Survivor – Lesley Pearse
The Christmas Party – Carole Matthews – I ADORE any Matthews book so I know this will be FAB!
Creep – Jennifer Hillier – a new author to me but sounds right up my street,
Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell – I’ve heard SO much about Rowells books so I’m going to try this one.

I know I should be reading what I already have on my kindle but these books are just too good to miss out on!! 😉 although I’ve made a deal with myself to read 17 that I already own bringing my unread down to just 110… Wish me luck!

What I’ll be reading this weekend:
The List – Joanna Bolouri . I’m halfway through. If you are looing for an easy read that is both funny and a little sexy you should give this a try. Once Finished I think I’ll need a gritty crime or psychological thriller so I will either read
Sacrifice – Sharon Bolton or Daughter – Jane Shemit (as I can never pick a new book!)


L x