Review Policy

You can find my review policy and contact details below

At Mrs Ready loves to read I presently and will continue to do so read and review books that are my own for my own pleasure! However I am open to requests, so if you are a publisher or author please contact me. I would like to state that I will only accept those that I would enjoy and interest me.

All of my reviews will be posted on here, Twitter and Goodreads. I will be using a 5* rating, 5* being the highest rating 1* being the lowest. Please be aware that this is just a hobby of mine and I am in no way paid for the reviews I write, therefore you should expect an honest and personal opinion.

I currently own a kindle and would be happy to review eBooks as well as physical review books. Please note that if you would like me to review a paperback/hardback book a review copy would need to be posted to me. Please keep in mind that since I live in Sydney Australia, it might take slightly longer for books to reach me.

I read a wide variety of books my favourite genres are: Crime, Thriller, Chic-Lit and YA.

Contact me on

L x


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